GTA 6 is definitely one of the most anticipated and talked about video games of the moment. The questions that gravitate around the sixth installment of the saga of Grand Theft Auto are many and Rockstar Games has not yet come out with official information.

The announcement of the game seems to be far then, but what is certain is that sooner or later we will have to deal with a new main chapter of GTA. Waiting for a signal from Rockstar, over the months more and more rumors, rumors or leaks that we have spoken in any way of GTA 6. To miss the call, however, are many important details, such as a launch date, the setting that will be proposed, the character that we play or new gameplay mechanics that will be included in the sixth chapter.

To tell the truth, to date we can not say with absolute certainty whether GTA 6 is in development. What we can think, is that after the attentions of Rockstar to the saga of Red Dead Redemption, the American company is ready to return to the market with a new game of the saga of Grand Theft Auto. On the other hand, with GTA 5 Rockstar has found a real gold mine.

We are talking about a game that is holding its own even today and that since 2013 continues to offer a whole series of updates and new content that can entertain a lot of players. Although GTA Online is still expanding it is likely that GTA 6 is already in the minds of Rockstar, but what are the rumors that go for the most? Waiting for a more concrete announcement we can begin to speculate on the possibilities highlighted by the various rumors and leaks.

GTA 6 | What kind of game will it be?

When it comes to GTA, the first thing that comes to mind is the freedom of action and movement granted to the player through a large map full of situations, missions, characters and especially possibilities.

It is impossible to think that Rockstar Games wants to abandon the open world/free roaming structure in favor of a greater linearity, so it is highly likely that GTA 6 will go to walk again the line already traced by the series in its past.

There will be no shortage of great neighborhoods to explore, frantic shooting, adrenaline driving sections and all those activities and secrets to be found within the immense city that will be made available to players.

GTA 6 | On what consoles will it be released?

We are now inside the ninth generation of consoles, and the question comes naturally, especially for us as a gaming enthusiast blog: GTA 6 will see the light on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? That the next title in the saga Rockstar arrive on next-gen consoles is quite obvious, but for the moment we can not say the same thing with regard to the “old” consoles.

To date we have no official information about it, but we imagine that the release date of the title is still far into the future. Precisely for this reason it seems more credible that Rockstar is dedicated solely to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

In addition to this, it should be noted that a development that is going to focus exclusively on the ninth-generation machines, would allow Rockstar to use all the power needed to create a title with a true next-gen flavor, something that would risk not happening if during the development of will have to think also to run GTA 6 on the console families PS4 and Xbox One.

GTA 6 | When is the release date?

A little while ago we mentioned a possible release date of GTA 6 very much in the future, but when, exactly, it would be legitimate to expect the arrival on the market of this highly anticipated work? Even this question, at the moment, remains without a real official answer. To miss the call is not only a possible launch window, but just the announcement of the sixth chapter of Grand Theft Auto.

Even in this case, however, various leakers and speculators have tried to have their say on the possible time of launch of the game. Unfortunately, all the various clues that can be found on the net seem to agree on one thing: GTA 6 will not be released anytime soon.

To do so was first a well-known producer, who had stated that he had worked with Rockstar Games and who pointed out that the gaming company has always been used to work calmly, devoting all the attention necessary to the various details that make up a game as large as a GTA.

In addition to this rumor if it is also flanked by a much more recent. According to the words of a well-known leaker, always very close to Rockstar productions, the sixth chapter of GTA would already be in development for some time. What could not please fans, however, is that even according to this leaker the wait for the release of the title will still be long and the same speech is also applicable to a possible announcement, apparently still very far from the radar.

That said, when is it fair to expect the official announcement of GTA 6? As before, this question for the moment does not have an answer from Rockstar. What we can do, however, is to reason according to the classic modus operandi of the company. The first step will be to show us a teaser of the project, which will be followed by a full-bodied announcement trailer. According to old rumors, the teaser of the new GTA was supposed to arrive as early as the end of 2020, but we all know very well that this was not the case.

To throw further fuel on the fire there was also the voice actor of Franklin in GTA 5, which not too long ago had given some possible clue about the timing of Rockstar for GTA 6: “To complete the development of GTA 5 took four or five years, including all the cinematics and dubbing. Don’t blame Rockstar. Do not criticize them by saying that they are continuing to milk GTA 5. Getting a new GTA out takes a lot of work and a lot of time.”

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